A Good Problem to Have

August 6, 2007

Anyone that has been involved with a small church has heard some form of this conversation;  a Sunday School teacher will say something like, “I had to go get more chairs this morning” to which someone will reply, or the teacher will add; “but that’s a good problem to have”.  That is percisely the problem we’ve been having at our church lately. 

Over 3 years ago I took it upon myself to start a preschool Sunday class for the one 3 year old we had at our church.  For years it was just she and I, going about our lessons.  During this time I was having very vivid dreams at night, in which I had a roomfull of kids for Sunday School, quite reminicent of the old woman in the shoe from the nursery rhymes.  I confided my dreams in another church member, and she confessed to having the same dream. 

 Here it is 3 years later, and the little girl I started teching for is going to 2nd grade.  For the past 2 Sundays I have had 8 kids in class! 8!  I know that’s not alot, but I am proud of how far we’ve come as a church.  Last week we had to bring in more chairs, and this week we had to change rooms altogether.  That’s the good problem.

The “bad” problem is this:  The age range of the kids I had this week was 2 to 14.  Last week the range was from 2 to 10.  You can’t give a lesson, and expect all the kids to get something out of it, with that age range.  We are in desperate need of motivated teachers.  I think I’ve talked someone into taking the ones that are in school and working with them, which will make it easier for me to teach to the preschool kids, you know, the age group I “signed up” for in the first place.  The only problem with this is that the 2nd grader, for the most part, is the only one that attneds Sunday School on a regular basis that would be in the new class.  It makes me wonder, what is better for her, to be in a class that is below her level, or to be in a class where she is the only student? 

Althought I love my small church, and I think it’s the right place for my family, it’s times like this that I see the benefit of attending a “megachurch”. 

2 Responses to “A Good Problem to Have”

  1. Brian Says:

    I’ve never been to a mega-church, but I don’t think I would like it. You wouldn’t have the comradere that you have at a smaller church. I would like for my church to grow, but not beyond the size that can fit in the sanctuary. 😉

    It’s great that you feel called to teach these kids!

  2. Alyson Says:

    I haven’t been to one either, I want to know, or be able to get to know, the person sitting beside me each week. When I had my youngest, the church pitched in and made a schedule for someone to bring us dinner every day for the first week! I don’t think you would get that in a big church.

    A co-worker of mine’s church is growing by leaps & bounds and the pastor is talking of going to 2 services to relieve the overcrowding. We were discussing it this morning and he is totally against it.

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