The Great Flood

August 2, 2007

Saturday I started a load of laundry before leaving for work.  Shortly after arriving at work I recieved a phone call from my husband telling me that our utility room/bathroom had flooded.  After several days working on the waterlines and septic tank, taking out the toilet, numerous trips to the hardware store, and borrowing several items from our local handyman, we finally obliterated the problem last night.  Now we have water, but we have another problem, the flooring in this room is CARPET.  What moron puts carpet in a bathroom?  Apparently my grandparents. 

 Anyways, despite our best efforts to dry out the carpet, our utility room now smells like a rotting carcus, and I have a toilet sitting in the middle of my den.  Therefore, our weekend plans now include putting down a new floor.  I hope our marriage can survive picking out said new floor, not to mention putting it down. 

 I will be glad for the linoleium floored bath/utility room I have always wanted, but I dread the work.  Still, I take great pride in all the improvements we have made on our house, espically when it’s something we accomplish together.   Maybe I will post some pictures when we get done.


3 Responses to “The Great Flood”

  1. Brian Says:

    Can’t wait to see the pictures. Once you get through the hard work, you’re going to love it!

  2. Welcome to Wherever You Are Says:

    We will probably use the peel & stick tiles, for the simple fact that if you make a wrong cut you can just get another tile. With the sheet of linoleum if you mess it up, you’re just screwed.

  3. Brian Says:

    That’s true. I’ve seen some beautiful peel and stick tiles, too.

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